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In 1971 the village of Phlamoudhi on the north shore of Cyprus welcomed a group of archaeologists from Columbia University.  As the first expedition photographer, I had the opportunity for one summer to record the village life as well as the archaeological work.  One family was especially gracious in welcoming me into their family, and my photographs focus on them.

In 1974 the village was overrun by the Turkish invasion, and the villagers fled either to the Greek-held south or to the Greek mainland; the mayor now lives in London.  Nothing remains of the village.  Many of the  villagers held a reunion in Larnaca in 2009 and were able to share these and other photos from the last years of their town.  At the same time I was able to reconnect by mail with the Evangeli family.  In 2016 I was reunited with Kyriakoula Evangeli Tsekoura and her family in Athens, one of the great blessings of my life.